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Industrial Ceramic Plants

Macchina Bagna Sifoni

The BS-07 was designed and built with the best materials: built entirely in stainless steel.

Agitatore Lento

Slow agitators for slurry storage tank.
They are made of all sizes according to the customer's needs.

Casting Machine FIRST

The casting machine mod. FIRST is used for the molding of ceramic sanitary ware items such
as toilet bowls and bidets.

M.a.B. anti-deformation bars machine

M.a.B. Unit removes from the sanitary ware the anti-deformation bars, which are usually kept on it during firing. M.a.B Unit is equipped with 2-400 diam- diamond disks rotating at 1600 rpm powered by a CV 7,5 engine.
For highest operator’s safety, disks are kept out of reach by a magnetic lock that, if opened, automatically

Casting Machine NUVOLA

The casting machine wash column NUVOLA is meant to be used in ceramics.

Mixing room

Example of mixing room with first-phase turbine mixers and second-phase marine propeller mixers

Column type "SP" melter

The column type "SP" melter is a ductile working tool: equipped with four wheels it can be easily moved and has a convenient inner working space of mm 110

Casting bench BAS-FOR

Casting bench with horizontal demoulder, for ceramic artifacts.

Floor Finder Machine HERMES

HERMES is a floor finder machine used for the purpose of taking sanitary ware (shower trays) from the casting machine and depositing them on special metal transport/deposit trolleys, eliminating any manual load handling activities by employees.

Pot leak testing machine

Pot leak testing machine, complete with arm, pump and vacuum gauge that can be customized
with customer's Logo/Name.

Tower casting machine

The Tower casting machine for the production of ceramic sanitary ware Toilet bowls,Bidets,Lavabo.

RMC-V3 Grinding Machine

This grinding machine is designed to meet all our client’s needs, the new RMC-V3 keeps the same key features of the first one: high quality materials used, greatest performance, minimum vibrations, high wear resistance, easy use for operators

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