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Casting bench BAS-FOR

Casting bench with horizontal demoulder, for ceramic artifacts.

Casting bench with horizontal demoulder. The machinery in question consists of a casting bench for ceramic artifacts having molds in two halves that are cast vertically. The casting bench consists of a sturdy metal frame that serves both as a support for the molds positioned vertically on movable carriages and as a travel way for the sformer tilting carriage.

It consists of a rigid structure, bearing the travel ways of the demoulding carriage, a fixed header that acts as a mold stop, a movable header, which by means of a levism can be made integral with the bench, and mold carriages, equal in number to the upright molds. The movable head is made fixed during casting, while it is unlocked during demolding. Also fixed on the bench are the pipes through which the molds are fed with ceramic slip, those necessary for emptying and emmission of air into them.

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