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CNC Turning

Turning in METALTECNICA has always been above all passion;
the founder of the company made it his personal fulcrum; with a manual lathe he thought and carried out works that seemed extremely difficult ; the history of turning so could not stop at the manual and here you are invested in numerical control turning.
The numerical control lathe represents the maximum evolution of the traditional/manual lathe as it is equipped with a very high technology and production capacity. The numerical control lathe, unlike the old lathes, makes use of a computerized automation.

What are the advantages of CNC turning?

  • Time: Unlike manual work, CNC machines can work continuously, thus ensuring high production
    volumes with low error rates.

  • Standardization and precision: CNC drives production. Once the design parameters have
    been entered, the industrial machinery replicates the processing for the desired quantities,
    ensuring the extreme consistency of each product. This ensures automated and standardised
    series production.

  • Versatility: The guide settings of the control and production software of a CNC machine can
    be set up quickly, and then reshaped just as easily to produce different parts. This allows each
    manufacturer to make the most of the machinery, responding to different needs.

  • Opportunity: CNC technology allows you to perform the most complex operations, with a
    substantial reduction in the number of tools and with a high level of control and precision
    impossible to achieve with only manual capabilities.


Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is one of the most popular metal processes for its ability to precisely cut sheet metal, allowing you to obtain pieces of variable dimensions and thicknesses.

The cutting takes place by means of a laser beam which, when guided, penetrates the material until it melts and cuts it.

The advantages of laser cutting technology are many.

Among these we remember the following:

  • High precision – Laser cutters are incredibly accurate and precise.

  • High Speed ​​- Although speeds vary depending on the type of material and thickness, the process

  • can be performed at high speed.

  • Automation - The process is highly automated and may include material handling systems with

  • minimal operator involvement.

  • Clean – Laser cutting is typically a clean procedure and does not require cutting fluids or other

  • chemicals.

  • Limited post-processing - Once the parts are cut, little else is often needed.

  • Material versatility - Can cut many materials.

  • Versatility - Can engrave or cut materials


Long-term rental

The advantages of long-term renting:

  • Reduced initial cost

  • Tax-deductible fees

  • the rented goods do not affect the SP

  • Flexibility in plant renewal

  • possibility of final redeem at 5%  

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